We are one of the enormous law firms working in litigation, arbitration and prosecution

Our legal section has a large number of well experienced lawyers in different legal areas, who are able to provide legal consultations judgments, and executions. We are serve all our clients a quick results oriented legal services.

Our legal team is divided into finance, commercial, criminal, foreign and general lawyers.
We are specialized in:
The civil and commercial contracts, Cooperation contracts between companies (local & international), Contracts of contractors, selling, finance cooperation and banking ,employment Contracts; Commercial, civil,  real estate registration ,administrative and criminal actions; Real estate Registration, Suit settlement by participating in arbitration; Legal consultant for foreign and local  companies. We specialize in serving:   Banks Law, Arbitration Law, Commercial law, Financing Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Investment Law, Administrative Law, Commercial Marks Law, Marriage & Divorce Law, Foreigners Residence & Work permits and all other affairs.


We have wide range of experienced consultants to provide proper consultancy for our clients in all fields. Our consultants guide the loan holder for how the situation can be treated in an easy and relevant way. Legal consultants also guides our clients in each and every legal area whether its business, job, human rights, criminal offense, labor or foreign affair situation.


We deal in all types of collection whether its cash pickup or bank check handled by huge and effective setup for achieving our target. We have a large number of team members comprised of (6) branches all over Egypt; to have better control and easy reach. Our collection department is fully supported by the  latest technologies and facilities including call monitoring and recording system ( Call Center ), CCTV monitoring and recording system, software base collection system which allows to connect our work from collecting data and reports of MIS (management information system),and  quality Assurance. We are committed to any claims for all the clients whereas the privacy of each client is being kept safe.

Our collection team is divided into three functional sections: collectors, recovery officers and skip case tracers. Our collectors keep in contact for negotiations with the loan holder till the confirmation of payment .Skip tracers have the ability to discover the loan holder’s hidden contact information even if the loan holder has left the country. We currently deal with Credit Cards, Personal Loans, Auto Loans, Durable Goods and Insurance Payments, and small and medium enterprise (sme’s) our branches are located in: Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said, Mansoura, Assuit, and Aswan.


Our legal team is well skilled and equipped to face any Court in Arab World. The courts we are currently practicing  in are: Primary Court; Criminal Court; Family Court; Appeal Court; Cassation Court; Administrative Court; Matrimonial Causes Court; Misdemeanors Court; Supreme Court; Arbitration Centers (Local & International). Therefor we are practicing in both countries, Arab Republic of Egypt Courts and United Arab Emirates Courts.

External Field Investigation & coding

We have the ability to locate where is the delinquents through a process that involves the assessment of their standards of living, also we can discreet neighborhood checks to ascertain the general reputation of the loan applicants with critical evaluation of their ability to pay and our capability to reach them. Move over we customize the verification process based on the requirements of the client, including:

Auto loan, Credit cards, Business loan customers, Mortgage bank loan customers, Commercial vehicle loan, Corporate loan customers, SME’S Loan Customers.

We as a coding company are qualified for loans demand to the internal employees. Coding should be completed through checking out the company’s documents, commercial registration, and reputation, number of employees and how they are obligated to work.