About Us


Welcome to Egyptian International Firm website, we are honored to provide our services in legal, debt collection, field investigation &skip tracing to the most popular and well known banks and companies in Egypt and different clients in the UAE. We aim to expand to all Arab Countries alongside continuing our well esteem and high standards of our reputation

I am a member of interlegal network which is offering quality legal advice across borders which provides me with opportunity to offer our services in Far East, Europe, USA and Canada.

OUR MISSION is to be the best leading company in Arab countries and maintaining our standards and requirements to make us the unique company of our type.

we provide the legal right to our clients in no time with full honesty to ensure the best for them.

OUR VISION is clear with respect to the changing world. We keep ourselves up-to-date according to our world, with respect to new strategies and technologies. The company provides time to time training to our team members for their better future and efficient results.

Our objective is to make working with EIF as convenient and pleasant as possible, if we can be of further assistance, please contact us via email or by telephone



Who We Are?

Most collection activities are performed by third-party debt collection agencies, which are separate from the original creditors, and “collect” debts on behalf of various lenders.

Now talking about the benefits of our collections agency, the longer a debt remains unpaid, the less likely it is ever to be collected. Delay in collecting can be costly, which we understand and are motivated by our business strategy to collect sooner rather than later, and recover the money that otherwise may be lost forever.

By hiring our collection agencies, companies distance themselves from tough job when existing clients are reluctant to pay. The first notice from a collection agency may be enough to spur the customer into action while allowing the relationship between the parties to remain cordial or neutral.

We will work with you in developing timelines and strategies to collect the debt. Just as your company concentrates on your core business matters, we concentrate on collecting debts.
We also have many connections through which we can locate the customer and firmly collect the debt. We always send field visits to the customers and have a strong influence on them to pay as soon as possible.

Customers can be from any part of the world and a company cannot follow them in each country. However, as we have different branches in different countries, this helps in stopping the customers, leaving no choice for them other than to pay.

By implementing a policy of collecting early and regularly through neutral third party (collection Agency) companies keep their customer relationships and their books healthy while improving their credit worthiness. We can be a powerful partner for business development, and because the collection process has become a riddle with regulations and time-consuming processes, this is a task best left to experts.

We have a number of skilled professionals of different fields teamed up together on a single platform to produce quality results (Consultants, lawyers, collectors, investigation and tele callers, who are motivated by their target and expanding fast in all Arab countries).  EIF is Equipped with high team spirit, the best technology, experience and skills to show promising results.